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I’ve been feeling scattered.

No doubt, there’s a lot of drama in the air. And for me at least, drama is draining. Distraction – as I roam around the web seeking answers that will make sense of our mixed-up world – can dissipate my creative energy quickly. At a time when the world needs us all to keep our focus clearly aimed creating positive change, distraction can even be dangerous if it disconnects us from our truth.

I’m noticing that when I feed my fears, when I get wrapped up in resisting the wrongness of things, that my body feels tight, rigid, empty and cut off from everything and everyone. My fears get bigger.

When I can remember to aim my attention at what I love, what I feel passionate about creating and protecting, what I believe in my heart to be true and real; then my body starts to soften and expand. I become more correlated with the world around me. There is power here. Connection. Access to deeper wisdom and vision open up. That’s the sweet spot for creativity. The place where love can grow.

I created this illustration as a reminder of that feeling of expansion. To help me remember the discipline of choosing to focus my energy in the direction of LOVE and TRUTH. To ask myself before I act ‘How can I choose love? Right now.’ And to strive every day to aim for that.


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