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Deb Regan:
Branding, Logo Design,
Business Cards
& Marketing Graphics

Deb Regan of Virtual Space Clearing uses Feng Shui principles and an Energy Grid Recalibration process to cleanse, balance and recalibrate your home or office to support you in all areas of your life.

Deb and I worked together several years ago to design branding graphics for Transform Through Nutrition and I was thrilled to collaborate with her again on her latest project.

This vibrant flower logo design is based on the the 9 spaces in the Feng Shui Bagua and their corresponding symbolic colors. The flower itself expresses the blossoming that occurs when our spaces support us in every way. I designed a corresponding style guide and used that to create a variety of cohesive marketing brochures, worksheets, infographics and web graphics for Deb.


Lisa is a gifted graphic designer. She really cares about her clients and the products that she creates for them. She walked me through the process of creating my logo with ease. It was a joy to work with her!  I could not have articulated what I wanted to anyone when we first started, but she artfully laid the path out in front of me. The end product was an amazing logo.
Deb Regan