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The inspiration for this image came to me from one of my favorite sources — my morning meditation. As I sat with my eyes closed, I saw the colors, the circle shape and the sparkling stars lighting up on my inner canvas. I sensed that creating this artwork could help me with an inner challenge I had been struggling with.

I know from experience that ART HEALS. When I allow myself to truly be inspired from within then magic happens. Something divine. The creative process becomes a journey of awakening.  As I created this piece, I felt the illumination of allowing the starlight to shine in on the dark places. I remembered the glow of star bright wishes and felt the radiant power of hope and self-healing.

May the stars in the sky illuminate our brightest hopes and dreams.

You can find several variations of this artwork available in my Etsy Shop: Starry Sky Thank you Note, Joyful Stars Holiday Card and Shine Children’s Art Print.