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In the Flow with Watercolor

Color! In January in Minnesota it’s not that easy to come by.  So as a bit of therapy for my soul that’s been craving some vibrance, I’ve been creating some of my own brightness.  I painted these circles today after getting inspired by these wonderful watercolor tutorials by Yao Cheng.

If you’ve been thinking of trying watercolors, or looking for a fresh approach, I so highly recommend her fun and playful approach to painting! What I loved about Yao’s tutorial was how I could FEEL how much she enjoys the process of putting her paintbrush on the paper, mixing the colors, watching the watercolors blend together. She reminded me of the joy of making something just for the fun of it.

After years of practicing yoga and meditation I know that life happens in the present moment, that the journey matters so much more than the results. But I am constantly finding areas of my life where I can embrace the joy of the moment so much more. Like painting.

Sometimes, I can get caught up in trying to control watercolors instead of embracing and enjoying their unpredictable nature. I’ve realized (again!) that controlling is frustrating, and letting go is liberating. 

Of course, my kid teaches me this too. I love watercolor painting with him. His favorite part of painting is mixing the paint and water together, every single color on his brush, feeling the wet paint with his fingers. Enjoying the process. This kid is just so conscious. I am so lucky to have my little 3 year old guru here to remind me of the beauty of the moment!

I’m also intrigued by the idea that the way we feel while making something (love, fear, joy, worry) gets infused into the artwork and becomes a part of it’s story. Even though I was (just) painting circles, I could feel the joy of the process in the final piece. What do you think?